Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ford Rental Company, Rublev's, Tiger's Game...and getting a lil' rained on

Yesterday was a fun day in the world of wedding planning. We started the day checking out the items on rental for us...and made some adjustments. I really was trying to not be a brat, but i was not liking a particular table cloth and had to make it just right...all that to say it's gonna be beautiful! We also were able to show Andy the site for the rehearsal dinner, Rublev's Coffee. The coffee shop of a family friend who is allowing us to have the whole place for the rehearsal dinner. That is a blessing and it is such a great coffee shop. We ended the day with a Tiger's game. It was a lot of fun, but a little wet. We made the best of it and enjoyed the game till the rain delay. We did see two grand slams! The Detroit Tigers game is the first stop in our new goal of seeing a game in every baseball stadium. We already have two more games scheduled for the summer. Gotta love that I'm marrying a sports fan. Enjoy the pics!

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