Sunday, December 27, 2009

photo-blog from Christmas in Michigan

Sunday lunch at Ashley's Favorite place.

Ashley's favorite present from Andy...a pink scooter!

We all had fun trying it out.

Andy & Ashley day after Christmas

Family picture with Brandon giving Ashley a "wet willy"

Christmas morning Ashley and the new scooter!! Woot Woot!

Andy and his funny gift from Ashley. A cup with a container for cookies on the bottom and a cup that keeps milk cold on top.

Beautiful mom on Christmas morning

Watch out! Ashley's on the move!

Ashley's reaction to the gift. Andy had this packed in the suitcase all the way from Florida and I never knew it!

Gift from mom.

Our stockings all stuffed!

Christmas Morning!

Fell asleep Christmas eve during the movie.

Brandon's photo skills.

The vegetarian was not liking this.

An Ashley tradition of making something out of's weird, i know.

Waiting to eat on Christmas eve...Brandon was bored.

Ashley wanted a nice Christmas Pic and Brandon managed to get in the photo.

That will do, I guess.

This is how the festivities began. That's Ashley's brother on the end playing the bells at the Christmas Eve service.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Vacation!!!

Today we will be leaving Florida for Flint! We are excited to see family and friends and SNOW! Andy is especially excited and hoping for a white Christmas.
Ashley loves seeing Andy's excitment about seeing snow.

Venice, FL 70°F
Feels like: 70°F

Flint, MI

Feels like: 18°F

Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Debut as Mary and Joseph

Ashley's baby bump had to be created with a basket.

Our favorite picture from the show.
The Giant AMAZING Christmas tree!

Three Wiseman...wiseguys... make their entrance

This is how we spent most of December....practicing for "Joy, Joy, Joy", theChristmas pagant at Venice Church of the Nazarene. Of course being the newlyweds and part of the staff we got recruited to play the parts of Mary and Joseph. We actually really enjoyed these roles and it made us get into the holiday season. We had 4 shows and began practicing well before Thanksgiving. It was a fun time and Ashley got to know many of the people at church better.
Some of the most exciting parts of the experience included:
  • seeing the giant Christmas tree raised from the ground
  • all the back stage laughs
  • holding our friends baby (Jonah) who played the part of Jesus
  • seeing everyones reaction when they realized it was a real baby
  • having Grama and Grampa Bowser and friends from Ashley's work come see us
  • hearing Andy talk about what he wanted in his "green room"

We wish all of you a Merry Christmas and hope you embrace the true meaning of the season, the birth of our Savior.