Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sausage Toe

The toe adventure began in December when my toe randomly became swollen and extremly painful. After many doctor appointments and two rounds of antibiotics the physician diagnosed "sausage digit" and the toe was thereafter known as the sausage toe. Mid February we went to see a podiatrist after the antibiotics didn't work and of course I was freaked about the whole ordeal. Andy was cool as a cucumber and came along for comic relief. The doctor was so funny to play along with the prank we wanted to play on my parents who were visiting for the weekend. She even gave us this fake looking toe and put some fake blood on it to make them think it had to be amputated. I couldn't keep a straight face and they knew it was a joke.

"Dr." Andy examining my foot while we waited for the doctor.

Toe Shot

Andy trying to make me laugh.

Lunch with Mom and Dad

That night we played BINGO!

Andy won $250 playing Bingo.

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