Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11 days away....

Red Sox vs. Tampa Rays...Stadium #2 for us!

Our new furniture!

Our soon to be family... this was right after I got there....all of our shower gifts were in the room.

It is hard to belive we are 11 days away from our wedding. After an incredible time in Florida I have made it back to Flint to get the final details set for OUR WEDDING DAY.

I am totally amazed at the ways God has blessed us in this time of preperation. From all the deals we got on wedding stuff and vendors to getting a job in Venice. God amazes me and his faithfulness is evident through this job opportunity. I had given up on my search for a job in Florida the week before I was scheduled to fly back to Michigan when the office manager at the church in Venice came across a newsletter from a Christian Counseling agency who was looking to expand and needed professionals. I called the agency right away and was amazed that they were looking and praying for someone who was trained in working with children and families. We set up a time to meet and I was hired at the interview. It was so evident that this is the place that God had for me to work and be involved in ministry. I am delighted to be one of the therapists working with a great team of professionals and Christians. I am already praying for the clients I will serve in this new job...I look forward to starting after the honeymoon.

I am inlcuding some pictures from this summer and I figured I should update the blog before we actually get married. Excitment doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling 11 days away from the wedding. I can't wait to be Andy's wife! While I was in Florida we spent lots of time working on setting up "our place." The best part was shopping in thrifty way and finding so many good deals.

More updates to follow as we get closer to Wedding Day!

Some of our teens at our house before I came back to Michigan. Such a great group of teens!

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