Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Yesterdays blog that i'm just now posting...

WEDDING WEEK!!!! Today (August 31, 2009) I woke up to my mom singing and dancing about oatmeal. Let me explain.... the two of us had gone to Cracker Barrel for oatmeal last week and they weren't serving it past 11 am...i don't know what's up with that since they are known for serving breakfast all day, but anyways...so this morning she was overly excited about wedding week and was singing about oatmeal. Dad was just eating his cereal and it didn't even phase him. So, of course being the daughter I am and wanting to soak up every minute of mother daughter time i threw on clothes and went to get some oatmeal. But i made her promise me that she wouldn't act like that in public.

Some of the other tasks for the day included picking up the marriage license!!! Woot Woot! It's official Andy and Ashley are getting married! This week!!!! Also had to clean out the garage to get it ready for the week....cause everyone will be seeing it...yeah right. Bleached the shells so they won't make the water dirty in the centerpiece and talked to Jessie, my matron of honor who is so excited she can't even stand it! Also worked on our guest book which is more like a memory book, where you can right in memories of the engagement, meeting, etc...

Now today (September 1, 2009) the big tasks include manicures/pedicures, going to the post office to change my address, finishing the welcome bags, GETTING ANDY FROM THE AIRPORT, and picking up his tux. I am so excited for this week....it's finally here!

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  1. You can change your address online...you don't have to actually go to the post office. At least that's how it worked for me. :)