Saturday, November 28, 2009

Giving Thanks

Our First Thanksgiving

Ashley getting ready to cook.

Getting the table ready

Andy saved the day by getting the neck and giblets out for Ashley

Smells so good cooking!

The turkey came out perfect! We were shocked!

We are so thankful.

Look who is excited for the Black Friday sales...

Waiting in line at Target at 4:00 am. (Notice the free bag and Starbucks in hand)

We had an amazing Thanksgiving and really enjoyed making new memories together. We originally were going to spend Thanksgiving with Andy's family, but they weren't able to make it down to Florida, so we enjoyed the day together. Andy, Ashley and Riley (the dog) enjoyed a day of cooking together, eating together and watching football. We were shocked with how great our meal came out =) Ashley is a good cook, but preparing that much food and making sure it was already at the same time was what mattered. We enjoyed leftovers, football and Rockband with Andy's friend Scott who joined us later in the day.
The next morning we got up bright and early for the Black Friday shopping deals. Andy wasn't too sure about getting up that early, but when he saw that we saved tons of money he perked up...and the many cups of coffee helped too. He was a trooper and secretly enjoyed the shopping...eerr... quality time with Ashley.
We had a great First Thanksgiving together and are ready for the Christmas season to begin!

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